The OvalJet was inspired and designed on a DTG production floor producing 20,000 prints daily with multiple printers.  Until now, there has not been a high volume DTG printer that delivers superior print quality, fastest print speeds and the lowest operating cost with the lowest cost per print in the industry.  Read on…
OvalJet - DTG Printer - Screen Printer

OvalJet’s multi-pallet oval design enables a single operator to achieve full size, full color prints at unparalleled DTG speeds of 240+ prints per hour.  The CMYK+Red+Green+White proprietary inks produce a color gamut that rivals screen printing with ultra-high resolution.  The in-line digital foundation eliminates the excess labor needed for expensive and messy off-line processes.  The patented digital in-line neck label digital printing enables branding and complete customization with zero errors that are prone to off-line pad print or heat press systems.

If you are looking for superior print quality, fastest print speeds, lowest operating costs and lowest cost per print, the OvalJet is the only high speed DTG printer that will do it all.