The OvalJet print quality is superior to any other high speed DTG printer. Dedicated white and color print cabinets employ Ricoh Gen5 printheads and deliver the highest print resolution and best gradations on the market.

Our proprietary 7 color ink set, CMYK+Red+Green+White, has been formulated to print the largest color gamut, maximized white opacity and closest PMS color matching possible.

Our proprietary foundation is “jetted” on a dot-for-dot basis in the exact size and shape of the print area; resulting in a resin-based, ink receptive layer that enhances color vibrancy and superior wash durability. Additionally, with our foundation there is no “pre-treat box,” is non-corrosive and odorless.

Whether you are printing photo realistic or illustrative artwork, the OvalJet high speed DTG printer delivers best-in-class print results.